7 Steps towards Your Purpose in Life

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Do you ever wonder if there must be more to life? There must be more to life than merely waking up every morning, wish for more sleep, jump in the shower, & get ready for work, the standard traffic jam on the way to work. Work’s over, then you rush home, in another traffic jam, BUT on the way you gotta stop by the grocery store to buy food for the family and arrive home to whip it together and of course, clear it away and while making sure the kids have done their homework, finish answer a few emails before the welcome shower, get ready for bed, hopefully to sleep, BUT worry about what didn’t get done and fret over what needs to get done tomorrow, then finally fall asleep. Then is rinse and repeat to do it, and do it and do it again, and do it all over again, the next day? And the next day after that and so on for the rest of life? Have you ever wondered if there was a way to find the purpose and meaning for your life?

The way to uncover your purpose in life is to willingly break free from the deeply entrenched groves of your daily routine.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein.

1 – Be in Motion

Our ancient roots stem from us being hunter-gatherers. Movement is important to our vitality. You only discover what brings passion into your life by actively doing things. Set goals and actually move towards them. You begin to get clarity. You start to feel life pull you towards those things that bring light into your life. The very way to know it and see it comes when you reach your goal, not just once repeatedly. Then stretch yourself, rinse and repeat again and grow and grow. All growth is movement. When you have an idea, move towards it. The how reveals itself as the life of your choosing unfolds.

2 – Be Proactive

This is a natural benefit from being in motion. Here’s the definition of proactive: Creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. Being a cause agent in your life. Make choices based on what you are good at, what you get excited about, what you like to do and the people you like to be with. Call up the yoga teacher you’ve been thinking about taking a class with and ask them questions and than go DO the yoga class. After you’ve been to the class than you can choose to go again or you can realize that perhaps yoga is not your thing. That’s okay too. It’s all part of learning what works for you and what doesn’t. The main thing here is to be proactive and then you discover that you are able to create the situations which cause something to happen. This is an awesome way to live your life.

3 – Be Heart Centered

Take a moment and be still, where in your body do you sense laughter? Where do you feel joy? And where do you feel in your body a sense of accomplishment? If you truly focus I’m sure you’ll realize that most if not all of those sensations reside in the heart. This is because the heart is where unlimited potential stems from.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Heart Centered Breathing Exercises. Promise yourself that you will follow this simple exercise once a day for the next week. I promise, it does increase your awareness of being. Set your alarm clock and wake up 10 minutes early. Open your eyes with a smile and a lazy, gentle stretch. Then take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth with a whooshing sound. Continue to breathe in this manner for a few breathing cycles. Then as you breathe in for the fourth cycle imagine that your breath can touch your heart, to bathe your heart in peace and calm. Allow any sensations to flow through you and feel your awareness of your heart to grow. Do this with mindful attention for 5 to 10 minutes … when you are ready, end this gentle breathing by breathing into your heart with a big smile. Then open your eyes, smile once again, stretch. Now you are set to face the day.

4 – Be Alert to Your Inner Guidance

Each one of these ‘Being’ steps flow nicely into each other. As you grow, your willingness to be heart centered becomes easy, then you begin to get whispers from your inner guidance. It first comes to you as a whisper and as you begin to open yourself to the possibility you recognize the voice of your own inner guidance. Then your inner voice is heard loud and clear. It has been there all along. Now you are finally aware of it. Being open to hear and to act upon this inner guidance is one of the quickest ways to discover¬† your purpose in life. Being heart centered is the gateway which opens the way to hear and to act upon your inner guidance.

5 – Be Willing to Be Uncomfortable

This willingness to act upon your inner guidance is not always the easiest thing to do. The reason is that you may have to do things that are not your usual approach. When you step out of a familiar habit it can leave you vulnerable and uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is a good sign. Be excited! You are moving toward your highest potential. When a new idea is born there is a transition that must happen to make space for the change. The main side effect of that newness is a sensation of discomfort. The discomfort stems from being in a space you have never been before and space that has no rules. In this space you are vulnerable and at the same time very much alive and in the moment. This is where joy and passion are born, from the launch pad of this exquisite discomfort.

6 – Be Open to Wonder

Here’s a wonderful way to win the day. Wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. Do a easy and gentle stretch and recall some happy moments; when you were a child, watch the sunrise, hug your special someone, you catch the drift here. Pull those great memories into this moment now and gaze out at the world through the eyes of your child-like self. It is that simple to be in wonder.

7 – Passion + Daily Action = A Purposeful Life

Each step of the way brings you out of the day to day routine and you begin to create your day in the moment. Making choices as they come to you. Take these steps of beingness and doingness each and every day. It will create a new habit. Just to recap these are: Be in Motion, Be Pro-Active, Be Heart Centered, Be Alert to Inner Guidance, Be Uncomfortable, Be Open to Wonder. Once these steps are your new habit, than you realize that you can easily discover how to find your purpose in life. Enjoy the exploration of your awesome life which flows from the passion within.

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  • Christina Piccoli

    “What is my purpose in life?” That is a question I ask myself often. It’s like I know there is ONE, but how do you FIND it? I love all of your ideas here, and I definitely think I am more aligned with figuring out my purpose when I’m doing all these things you mentioned. Especially moving my body and listening to my inner guidance (when I can. Sometimes it’s hard.) I definitely need to work on being uncomfortable. That is a big one for me that I KNOW could propel me forward. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

    • Calm Hearted

      Hi Christina, Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. Movement is the key to getting our creative juices flowing. I like to begin my day with some gentle yoga stretches. Being willing to listen to the higher wisdom of our inner guidance often leads us into areas of new territory and the unfamiliar. That is when being uncomfortable steps in and know that is the time to stick your courage to the sticking point because that is the secret sauce to moving up to a new level.

    • Calm Hearted

      Hi Paulette, Thank you for having a read of my articles. Glad to be of service to help you have another point of view. Perhaps then you can try a bit of the idea of trusting your inner guidance and stand in your uncomfortable zone. Trust me it will bring deep satisfaction because that is where the true you resides. Best, Julie

  • Fran Kelso

    You have done a great job here! You have written about a subject that has been covered by many, but you have given a few insights that I have not thought of before. I like your “be” list. You have given suggestions that all of us can follow, and that should lead to a better understanding of where we are and how we reach our goals. Keep up the good work!

    • Calm Hearted

      Hi Fran, I appreciate your encouragement. The do be do be do list is a helpful reminder of what the higher self is requesting all of us to lean into. Best, Julie

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